Turtle Bay Resort

Fisheye Studio has been fortunate to film at the Turtle Bay Resort wedding venue in the recent past. It makes our list as a top Maui wedding venue.

Wow! What an incredible two day event. This wedding was both traditional Indian and modern western wedding over two days in Oahu. Turtle Bay Resort and Dillingham Ranch provided both amazing backdrops to their momentous occasion. We are so grateful they chose us as their Indian destination wedding videographer for their special day!

The Wedding Day

The first day was the traditional Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies. Firstly, the groom comes in dancing with his groomsmen on the way to the ceremony. It’s accompanied by fun, traditional music on the way to the site.

Then, the bride makes her way to the ceremony site as well. When she arrives, she is placed next to the groom with a veil in between. Finally, the garb is lowered and they see each other for the first time. After that, the ceremony is held which lasts about an hour.

After the ceremony, a traditional dinner and reception follows. All of this precedes the western ceremony, which occurs the next day.

We love Oahu wedding venues! There are so many different types of venues on the 3rd largest (but most populated) island of Hawaii. In fact, you can get married with the lush mountains as your back drop, a seaside resort, or just seaside! Or, you can go Bohemian, garden, downtown chic and more are also available. In addition, we recommend that you speak with a planner like L4Love to help you as you begin the process of planning your wedding. Whether it’s an oceanfront estate or a five star resort, they will guide you in the process.

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