Stunning Kauai Wedding Video



Thank you for checking out this stunning Kauai wedding video on our site! When Dylan and Spencer first reached out to us, we knew this couple was going to be rock and roll through and through. EDM dance parties in their kitchen. Seeking higher truths. Traveling the world together. Mostly, we knew this couple was FUN! Because of that, we had no doubt their wedding would be a blast.


And it was! The Na Aina Kai Botanical Garden in Kauai is one of the most spectacular places one can get married. We started the day capturing some of the getting ready shots with Dylan, before meeting Spencer at the venue. The first interaction with the couple was their first look, which is always a sacred moment. Next, the couple took some beautiful photos in the bamboo foliage that makes up most of the property.


Next, a beautiful ceremony on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean was to take place. Spencer and Dylan exchanged their beautiful, handwritten promises to each other. Then, it was time to party! However, not before going out to the beach and getting some more epic photos (and drone shots).


Lastly, it was time to party!


Thank you to Legacy Events Kauai for their planning and making it memorable!


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About the Venue


As a destination wedding venue it’s hard to beat Na ‘Āina Kai Botanical Gardens. It’s not just one venue but a myriad of unique locations, from a small, intimate setting in a tropical forest to an ocean-bluff “Residence” to the Kaluakai Beach meadow and more. Once a private estate, the bountiful gardens of Na ‘Āina Kai are now open to the public for special occasions. Who could ask for a lovelier backdrop than these gardens, where artistic creativity goes hand-in-hand with nature. Whether your wedding is for 2 or 150, we can accomodate you and meet your needs. Let Na ‘Āina Kai be your private gardens for a memorable day or an evening. Should you choose our Gardens as the site for your wedding, you will be contributing to the efforts of our not-for-profit foundation to maintain these lovely surroundings for the future. With multiple venues to chose from, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on all who attend