Why hire photo and video from the same studio?

The question about photo and video with the same company is one we’ve received countless times.  Sometimes that can be a great option for couple’s to find a team that works well together and are familiar. However, this is not something that should prevent couple from choosing the best match for them.

Often times, when a photographer offers video as an add on, these are not full time employees of the photographer but subcontractors they hire. These are often individuals who have their own video production companies but didn’t land the job or client.

How come photo/video subcontract each other out?

The reason it is done, aside from being able to work with someone familiar, is to bring in more revenue. Adding the photo/video into their package increases revenue usually by 50% or more. Since the photographer can only photograph on the day of the wedding, they are relying on the other group of videographers to do your video, and visa versa. Make sure that you do view both the photography and videographer’s work on their own websites and critique them to ensure that the quality is consistent throughout all the pieces.

In fact, we used to offer photography with our company. However, we stopped because I felt as the owner that the video work was outpacing the photography. Since photographers are being paid a reduced rate by the videographer, or visa versa if a photographer hires a videographer, the incentive and motivation to do great work often lacks when subcontracted. The most important thing for us was to focus on becoming great with our video team.

Lastly, we personally refer photographers we are familiar with that we believe match best with the couple’s style and preferences. As every couple is unique, this allows us to refer photographers we think will match best. If we have not worked with the photographer before the day of the wedding, we will contact them several days prior to understand their approach to ensure a smooth day.

Is it necessary?

It is not necessary to hire a photo + video team from the same studio as photo/video companies that are professionals are able to work together. I suggest you find the photographer and videographer that you are most in love with, and then do your best to put them in touch so they work well on the day of your wedding.

At the end of the day, we always recommend quality over convenience. I hope this helps as you decide to hire photo and video from the same company or not.

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