Two Beaches: A Seal and Huntington Wedding

I’m so stoked to share with you this unique Seal and Huntington Wedding on the shores of Southern California! Nick and Johnnie are one of the sweetest couples that we’ve had the pleasure of filming. With all the craziness of planning a wedding in 2020, they were able to bring their close ones safely together to celebrate their memorable day.

Johnnie met Nick in college in an environmental science class. She proudly exclaimed,  “It was the only class my fiancée ever had perfect attendance in.” She loves that Nick is so sarcastic and self depreciating. To her, it’s the dumb faces he makes cracks her up.

Nick, a country bumpkin from Illinois, emulates all the midwest charm this videographer knows and loves (being from Indiana myself). I could sense his laid back demeanor immediately and how it meshed well with the confident and assured Johnnie. And it was obvious from the beginning that the atmosphere suited them well on their wedding day.

Also, it was important to share their vows in front of God first and foremost. So they decided to have the wedding ceremony at Saint Anne’s Catholic Church. Upon doing so with a small group of family and friends, it was time to share a more open ceremony in Huntington Beach outdoors by the harbor and ocean.

Additionally, the weather was perfect. The food was delicious. The speeches were emotional. The dances brought a smile to our faces. It was easy to sense not only the love in the room, but amongst the entirety of those who gathered.

We are so incredibly honored and grateful to have been a part of this special Seal and Huntington wedding! Congratulations to Nick and Johnnie!


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Produced by Fisheye Studio