Rosewood Miramar Santa Barbara

rosewood miramar wedding

Fisheye Studio was fortunate to film at the Rosewood Miramar wedding venue in the recent past, and it is incredible. Because of this, it makes our list as a top Santa Barbara wedding venue.

Dave and Kayla’s wedding celebration was truly incredible. Plus, it wasn’t our first time working with them. In fact, we have had the honor of filming for our lovely clients Dave and Kayla before. It’s not often you can say that about someone who you are filming their wedding, but in this case we became connected to the couple and their family own business when we filmed some corporate videos for their company a couple years prior. Through that experience, we got to get a taste of the couple’s fun personality and the love they shared for each other.

Flash forward to a year or so later when I get a phone call from Dave asking if we could film his proposal. When he first called, in my mind I pictured something simple at the beach, or maybe a romantic spot somewhere else in the Orange County area where he lived. But I did not realize that Dave is someone who makes sure to do everything BIG. And the proposal was by far the most intricate one we had ever filmed. 5 cities. 3 plane rides. All in 1 day. I won’t give anymore away. Check out the video by clicking here!

Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

We love Santa Barbara! Whether it’s a private venue like a Rosewood Miramar wedding or a private estate, the options are abundant. Santa Barbara has a year round Mediterranean climate that is hard to not enjoy. Cool breezes and sunshine grace you upon nearly every visit. Fortunately, Santa Barbara is only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from our studio, so we are easily able to accommodate couples getting married. Finally, we hope you enjoy this Rosewood Miramar wedding video! It was truly a magical day.

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