Project Description

Sunset Ranch Wedding Video

We were so honored that Robyn and Eddie chose us to capture their Sunset Ranch wedding video for their special day! Firstly, they are both true Hawaiians at heart. Eddie is a world class fisherman who has had documentaries produced about his proclivity as a waterman. And Robyn is someone who has an incredible ability to take what Eddie brings from the ocean and turn it into world class dining for all those who are fortunate to call them their friends. More importantly, their special day was all about having those closet to them, their ohana, celebrate with them.

However, there was unfortunately the passing of Eddie’s father just a few weeks prior to the wedding that made their day challenging. Sadly, this was an unexpected passing that caused grief for all of Eddie and Robyn’s families. But Eddie knew that his father would want the party to go on. In as much, they both decided that it would and they would pay tribute to the legend.

On the day of the wedding, the weather was gorgeous. The venue of both the ceremony and the reception was Sunset Ranch. Situated on the North Shore of Oahu, this venue is up in the mountains nestled away from the thunderous winter waves. One may not expect horse ranches when they think of Hawaii, but it’s one of the many unexpected jewels you discover when you learn more about the Hawaiian islands.

The venue provides multiple venues for ceremony and reception. Some prefer to have an outdoor ceremony and use the barn for a spacious indoor reception (and to avoid the rain). Robyn and Eddie did the former, but for the latter decided to have a tented reception. Thankfully, the weather held up for the most part, and the wedding day was a success. We are so grateful to capture their Sunset Ranch wedding video for the most important day of their lives!