New York Wedding Videographer

Fisheye Studio has been serving the state of NY as a New York wedding videographer since 2013. Initially, they were on the islands of Hawaii before expanding to California. Since then, they’ve been able to travel all around the US to capture luxury weddings.

Josh Fair moved to Honolulu, in 2004 from the frigid winters of Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition, he dreamt of being a Hawaii wedding videographer from the moment he first visited paradise a couple years earlier. He fell in love with the palm trees, crystal blue waters, and year round warm weather. Without any experience, Josh and his partner founded Live Internet Weddings to stream weddings anywhere in the world. It was through this that he learned the art of filmmaking and developed his signature style.

Then, in 2009, Josh founded Fisheye Studio where he would focus on the filmmaking aspect of his wedding videos. He knew that there was a need for a better product and would dedicate himself to studying the art of filmmaking. Fortunately, Josh was trained by some of the best in the industry and has mentors to this day with whom he is challenges himself to grow and become better.

New York Wedding Venues

New York has so many high end and gorgeous venues to choose from in the city. Whether it’s downtown at a historical venue or a five star hotel, there are plenty of options. The bustling downtown provides so much energy and history that you can’t go wrong. We’ve been fortunate to film a few weddings in the Big Apple and surrounding suburbs. We look forward to going back!

Please check out the videos and see which Destination location you love best! We would be honored to be your New York wedding videographer and capture your special day. Serving Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island in Hawaii and all of Southern California.

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