Today’s post is a #tbt of a Mission Inn Wedding Video we filmed way back in 2011.

Firstly, Rohit and Sonya were one of the most sweetest couples we could ever imagine. Their wedding was unique in that it celebrated both their Christian values along with their Indian cultural upbringing. And it was all done at one of the most historical wedding venues in Southern California. Enjoy this Mission Inn Wedding Video!

The Mission Inn

First, the story of the Mission Inn stretches over more than a century and began with the Miller family, migrants to California from Tomah, Wisconsin. Then, in 1874, civil engineer C.C. Miller arrived in Riverside and began a small boarding house in the center of town. Afterwards in 1880, his son Frank Augustus Miller, bought the property. Gradually, he improved and enlarged it. Working with prominent architect Arthur Benton, Miller opened the first wing of the current Mission Inn building in 1903. The building grew in several stages, each new wing demonstrating regional architectural trends and Miller’s own travels throughout Europe and Asia.

Finally, by 1931, the Mission Inn comprised four wings in a labyrinth of gardens, towers, arches, and winding stairways that encompassed an entire city block. The interior became filled with art and artifacts purchased by Miller from around the world.

Fearful that the hotel would be permanently shuttered and its interior collections destroyed, in 1969 a group of concerned citizens formed the Friends of the Mission Inn.  Then, as the hotel’s financial woes persisted, the City of Riverside’s Redevelopment Agency purchased the Mission Inn in 1976. This led to the creation of the nonprofit Mission Inn Foundation to manage the building in partnership with the City. Furthermore, in 1977, thanks to the efforts of local advocates and government officials, the Mission Inn was designated a National Historic Landmark by the federal government, officially marking the Inn as a site of national historic importance.