Loulu Palm Estate

Fisheye Studio has been fortunate to film at the Loulu Palm wedding venue in the recent past. It makes our list as a top Oahu wedding venue.

First off, Loulu Palm is one of the largest private oceanfront estates for weddings in all of Oahu. Only Lanikuhonua is even close to offering the amount of space. Secondly, Loulu is one of the most private of all estates. Driving by the house along the North Shore, you would never know it even existed because it is so low key.

Loulu Palm began as a seed…a twinkling idea, a dream in our hearts. Since 2007, that magic seed has blossomed into Loulu Palm Farm. A place where things can take root and grow: love, families, children, friendship, art hope, and last but certainly not least, palms! It’s everything you yearn for in a location: a majestic setting for your special gathering, a fantasy backdrop for your photographs, and magical memories to last you and your loved ones a lifetime.

Simon and Lauren may have gotten married at Loulu Palm, but they had a week long adventure full of many different festivities. To start, they had a celebration with family and friends for a sunset cruise. It was followed on consecutive days by a luau, bridal shower, tea ceremony and of course the wedding. Having brought family and friends from all across the world, it was a truly magical celebration.

Oahu Wedding Venues

We love Oahu wedding venues! Whether it’s a private estate like Loulu Palm or a five star resort, the options are abundant. The island boasts year round tropical conditions so you are pretty much guaranteed warm weather no matter when it is. Finally, we hope you enjoy this Loulu Palm wedding video! It was 5 days of fun for everyone.

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