live streaming wedding

As hard as it is to believe, Josh Fair started live streaming weddings way back in 2004 in Hawaii with his original company, Live Internet Weddings. It was from there that he learned filmmaking and eventually founded Fisheye Studio. Originally, the idea was that for people who couldn’t come to Hawaii could log onto a secure website to watch the wedding live. Back then, we used one single standard definition camera (meaning not even HD) that transmitted a very low quality video signal (but the audio was crystal clear!) for people to view.

Fast forward to 2020. Today we are doing full High Definition streaming with 3 cameras (one at end of aisle with other two on couple) at once. Using patented technology, we can live stream a wedding and make sure that we are able to switch to close ups during the vows, ring exchange, kiss, all in real time! We are also able to live stream the reception also. Afterwards, the live stream will be placed online within 1 business day for everyone to view over and again.


We are able to offer our Live Streaming wedding services for $995 as an add on to our existing packages. If a client wishes to have live streaming only, it is $1995. If a client wishes to live stream their reception, it is an additional $750.

It includes:

  • Up to 3 camera live stream
  • Full HD streaming
  • Crystal clear audio using our lavalier microphones
  • Online access to video following business day
  • Downloadable link for live stream
  • Ability to live stream reception

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