Beverly Hills Estate Wedding

We are proud to present to you this beautiful Beverly Hills estate wedding film to you! Nearly 3 years after Joseph and Natasha were engaged, and having planned, replanned, and thought of all options for their wedding day due to covid, they were finally able to celebrate their big day at their parents home in LA. And it was incredibly heartfelt + fun! The vows, the dancing, the love. You could feel it all in the air!

Natasha and Joseph met almost seven years ago at a bar in West Hollywood called “The Hudson”. Joseph was wearing headphones, writing in a notebook (at a bar!) and Natasha pretended not to notice him. He followed her outside at which point she approached him and said “You know you look like an asshole right? How are you going to talk to people at a bar with headphones on?!” He says it was love right away. Joseph proposed in front of the Hudson, with Natasha’s mom hiding behind a tree to videotape it. (that part was funny!) And it was so them. The best part of the whole proposal was after Natasha said yes Joseph whispered in her ear, “this is where you first called me an asshole and I want you to call me an asshole for the rest of my life.”

Aside from being a perfect match for each other, it’s their hearts that really spoke to us. Sometimes, certain couples just show through their actions not to just each other, but to us, as clients, who they are. Constantly kind and patient during this whole process, we could not have asked for a sweeter couple to tell their story. We are so grateful!

We hope you enjoy this Beverly Hills estate wedding film!

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