Hope Ranch Wedding

Hope Ranch Wedding

Fisheye Studio was fortunate to film at the Hope Ranch wedding venue in the recent past, and it is incredible. Because of this, it makes our list as a top Santa Barbara wedding venue.

Firstly, Hope Ranch is a very upscale residential area boasting gorgeous estates, equestrian trails and views of the Santa Barbara mountains (and for lucky residents whose properties back up to the ocean cliffs, our gorgeous coastline).  Its signature entry includes a palm-tree lined drive that tells you that you have arrived in Hope Ranch.  Celebrities from Fess Parker, Snoop Dogg to political figures such as H.R. Haldeman have lived in or have homes in Hope Ranch.

Native vegetation is mostly California oak woodland and chaparral, and many of the homes have been constructed to blend in with the oaks; the area retains much of its tree canopy. Because of this, residential roads are narrow and winding, not always signed, and interweave with an elaborate network of horse paths. A road to a private beach is open to residents only (although the beach itself is accessible from public beaches on either side).

Megan and Brian’s wedding was sentimental as the ceremony occurred at a local church not far away. She has her childhood priest there to officiate. Next, the reception was absolutely stunning as the private estate gave incredible views of the Pacific from high above. Megan, having lost her mother recently to the wedding, held her close as her father and other’s remembered her presence on this special day. Finally, everyone danced the night away on this beautiful summer evening!

Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

We love Santa Barbara! Whether it’s a private estate like Hope Ranch or a five star resort, the options are abundant. Santa Barbara has a year round Mediterranean climate that is hard to not enjoy. Cool breezes and sunshine grace you upon nearly every visit. Fortunately, Santa Barbara is only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from our studio, so we are easily able to accommodate couples getting married. Finally, we hope you enjoy this Hope ranch wedding video! It was truly a magical day.

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