Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer

  1. There’s nothing like it. First, nothing captures moving images and the sound of emotion like professional video. While photography captures still moments, it cannot capture the rest of the story.
  2. It’s not cheesy. Although it’s 2020, many still hearken back to the days of poor quality, potbelly videographers with a massive shoulder mount video camera as the stereotype. This is an outdated take.
  3. It’s awesome! Today’s top wedding videographers are able to use cinematic tools not available as recent as 5-10 years ago. Drones, gimbals, sliders, 4K cameras, etc., allow these talented filmmakers to create an awesome experience for you to cherish.
  4. It IS within your budget. While you think you can’t afford video (but can afford photography), often times you can hire someone to just film the ceremony alone for around $500-$1000. They will have professional gear including audio devices which are extremely important (and something Uncle Eddie won’t have).
  5. See things you might have missed. Still photographers will capture individual moments you might miss, but video captures family and friends in moving images you might have missed. Because of that, you are able to see all people in all stages of life interacting and showcasing their emotion to your day.
  6. Share your video with friends and family. Whether you post on Facebook, Instagram, or an old fashioned email, being able to show everyone who was and wasn’t at your wedding all the beautiful memories will be appreciated and cherished by everyone.
  7. Vows and toast. Like we mention in point 1, this is something you’ll always want to remember what was said. We know of one couple who didn’t hire a videographer who’s brother of the groom gave an incredibly emotional best man speech. Unfortunately, he passed away less than a month later and that couple will never be able to relive that speech again.
  8. It goes by in a blur. Your wedding day flies by. Because of that, with the fast pace of items on the agenda, the fact you are living a dream, and with all that’s happening, it’s easy to not be able to soak in ever moment. A video will capture all the things you lived and help you recall all the special memories.
  9. Go back and relive the moment over and over. 10-20 years later you can share with your children the day mom and dad got married. It’s also a reminder of the vows you took that day and a reminder to the commitment you shared.
  10. REGRET. In all the years we’ve been filming weddings, we’ve never had someone regret getting a beautiful wedding film. They did not regret the choice to hire a wedding videographer to capture everything. However, we HAVE had dozens of friends and heard countless stories of those who did regret it. In fact, it usually makes the #1 regret in wedding surveys for brides and grooms what they regret the most. Here’s a Huffington Post article as an example.