Hale Koa Estate Wedding Video

Every once in awhile, we are fortunate enough to film someone’s wedding who is very personal and special for us. For Lydia and Stephen, this was one of those types of weddings.

Lydia has been a friend of the company for 15 years now. Having gone to the same place of worship together for many years, we had bonded over dogs, Sunday beach sessions, and group outings that solidified our bond of friendship.

For many years, we wondered who would be the one to snag her heart? We prayed for many years for God to send the right person into her life. And as is typical, God is rarely early but never late.

Enter Stephen. Stephen and Lydia met at an unusual place for their relationship to begin. Neither one accustomed to going to the club, both had ended up at the same night spot when mutual friends had gotten together to celebrate.

As Lydia says, from the moment they met, they began dating. Both of them sharing the same faith, mutual friends, and a set of values that were similar was their cornerstone of their relationship.

Stephen also has a huge passion for cars. He is the type of guy who will fly to Germany just to watch a formula one race. For those of you not great with geography, that is literally on the exact opposite side of the world. To be able to attend a race like that requires pure determination and resilience.

But Lydia also has her passions. Her biggest love outside of her faith and Stephen might be Bella (we’re not sure of the exact rankings). Bella has been her little doggie love for over 10 years, and it was fitting that she would make an appearance on their wedding day.

We’re so thankful that Lydia and Stephen chose us for their Hale Koa Estate wedding!


Planner: Poppy’s Events