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Fisheye Studio has been fortunate to film at the Wayfarers Chapel wedding venue in the recent past. It makes our list as a top Los Angeles wedding venue.

Mike + Nicole shared an amazing love for each other that was sparked by one song. During their first date, they ended up at a kareoke bar. Taking it upon himself to impress, Mike broke out his rendition of Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Needless to say, Nicole was impressed. She loved his fun nature and sweet personality and was taken to bliss from the beginning.

Flash forward to their wedding day. Having scouted the location an exact year before the big day, they were able to customize a look to their wedding day at the exact time they preferred. Because of that, we were able to sneak away to grab sunset photos with the Pacific as the backdrop.

Additionally, their family and friends were very much a part of their big day. Notably, Nicole’s brothers gave one of the most epic speeches of all time. This was the basis for our film and the 3 stage act.

Los Angeles Wedding Venues

Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows offers seaside sophistication for your Santa Monica Wedding. From the iconic Moreton Bay Fig Tree, to the largest ballroom on the Westside, to the romantic Sunset Terrace, you have a wealth of elegant options to choose from. Contact our weddings team for the highest level of service to turn your moments into memories.

We love Los Angeles wedding venues! There are so many different types of venues in the 2nd biggest city in the US. In fact, you can get married in a seaside chapel, a seaside resort, or just seaside! But, there are also many other types of venues. Bohemian, garden, downtown chic and more are also available. We’ve included venues from Malibu to Long Beach in our list here as there is so much range in this vast cityscape. We recommend that you speak with a planner like Sweetest Love Events to help you as you begin the process of planning your wedding.

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