Dos Pueblos Ranch

dos pueblos ranch

Fisheye Studio was fortunate to film at the Dos Pueblos Ranch wedding venue in the recent past, and it is incredible. Because of this, it makes our list as a top Santa Barbara wedding venue.

Private Beach, Bluff, Historic Barn, Sycamore Grove, and Estate Lawn and Garden; Dos Pueblos ranch offers 5 event locations with exquisite lush forests of tropical foliage, privacy and nature at it’s best all within 15 miles from downtown Santa Barbara and 7 miles from the Santa Barbara airport. We think Dos Pueblos Ranch is one of the most beautiful and historically significant sites in California and we would be proud to share it with you.

Dos Pueblos Ranch is quite possibly the most diverse and beautiful set of venues that we have ever shot at. First off, it offers a private beach, a bluff, a historic barn, sycamore grove, and Estate Lawn and Garden. It’s pretty rare that you are able to get this many options in one property. While in this particular case the ceremony was held at the barn and the reception at the private beach, you can easily swap the two and have the ceremony at the beach and the reception in the barn.

Jamie and Justin’s wedding celebration was truly incredible. It started off with glamping at a nearby camping site for a fun BBQ with friends and family. Secondly, they hosted a rehearsal dinner at a nearby resort with plenty of Cajun food to celebrate how Justin proposed to Jamie. It all set up for the incredible wedding day at the ranch!

Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

We love Santa Barbara! Whether it’s a private venue like a Dos Pueblos wedding or a five star resort, the options are abundant. Santa Barbara has a year round Mediterranean climate that is hard to not enjoy. Cool breezes and sunshine grace you upon nearly every visit. Fortunately, Santa Barbara is only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from our studio, so we are easily able to accommodate couples getting married. Finally, we hope you enjoy this Dos Pueblos wedding video! It was truly a magical day.

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