Where do I even begin! I was first introduced to Josh Fair and Fisheye through my friend. Me and my then fiancé were getting married in August of 2018, and were looking for someone to capture all of the special moments of our day. We live in Canada, and were getting so discouraged as all of the other videographers we saw looked the same, and we didn’t feel like they would give us what we were looking for. The moment we were introduced to Fisheye and viewed their online films we knew that they were completely different! I spoke with Josh on the phone, and he was so friendly, kind and helpful I immediately knew we would be in good hands. I went to work on my fiancé to convince him we needed to hire Fisheye, showed him the countless wonderful stories they have on their website, and won him over!

My now husband has said countless times how happy he is that we went with Josh and Fisheye! We are beyond impressed with our wedding trailer, feature film, and were so impressed and touched by how they captured the ceremonies and reception. We were both sobbing when we watched the films for the first time a few weeks ago, and completely blown away by the moments and details captured. It is so special to us to have these wonderful memories, because the day went by so fast it is hard to remember every detail! Now we are able to go back and relive the day, and see all of the moments we missed.

Josh made sure to really get to know us as a couple, and what was important to us on our big day. Josh and Evan from Fisheye made the journey up to Canada, and let me tell you it was not an easy trip here! The place we got married is in the middle of nowhere Canada, a beautiful location in the mountains in BC. They even secured a third person in the area to ensure that we captured all the details of our day! They were so positive and excited to work with us on capturing our wedding, we felt throughout the process that they were more our friends than a videographer! Once they were here, they were so amazing to everyone they met that they impressed not only us, but all of our family and friends. We had so many people come up to us and comment on how sweet and kind they were! We had two ceremonies, a traditional Pakistani ceremony, and a western wedding ceremony and they made sure to include the significance of both ceremonies equally on film. Our officiant turned off the microphone in the middle of our ceremony, and they were still able to perfectly capture our vows and all of the emotion! It’s amazing the attention to detail, the quality of video and sound, and the feel of a real movie!

The team came to our rehearsal dinner even though they were exhausted after a day of travel, and made sure to scope out the area and spend time with us as we walked them through the timeline for the wedding. The morning of our wedding they showed up bright and early, and were so easy going and easy to work with they really calmed everyone’s nerves around them! They really went above and beyond, even making sure to secure backup equipment. We are just starting to share our film with family and friends now, and everyone who has seen it so far has been floored by the quality of the film and the emotion and moments they captured. We already have friends who are getting married asking about Fisheye, and we recommend going nowhere else! They are completely different, and really care about making your story special. We will be watching our films for years to come. Thank you Josh, Evan and Fisheye!