Blaylock Mansion Wedding Video

We had the honor of being chosen as Shezana and Lee’s British Columbia wedding videographer  for their special day. Having filmed one of the bridesmaid’s wedding years ago in Maui, we were pleased to be introduced to one of the kindest, most sweetest couple’s we’ve ever had the honor of capturing. This particular wedding was unique because it combined Shez’s Muslim cultural roots in a traditional ceremony earlier in the day followed by a traditional western ceremony a few hours later. We are huge fans of weddings where there is henna, music, and lots of beautiful outfits for everyone to adorn.

This particular film we felt really encapsulated who the two of them are. Lee, the wild and uninhibited one, and Shez, the conservative, steady force, were a natural pairing. And even though Lee is a Edmonton Oilers fan, and Shez a Calgary Flames fan, they find a way to make it work.

For this particular film, we decided to challenge ourselves with one simple rule. That rule was simply to not open the video with a drone shot. Another colleague and mentor of mine had posed this challenge to me when he noticed a trend which was that. Over the course of the summer, we decided to challenge ourselves as a team in this manner as a way of pushing creativity and storytelling. The reason is often times when we get comfortable, other aspects of our filmmaking suffer. As a result, it forced us to rearrange our thought patterns and storytelling in a small way that paid off.  Lastly, we look forward to the next couple that we can be their British Columbia wedding videographer in the near future!


Traditional Garb: Galia Lahav

Makeup and Hair: Blush and Coco

Venue: The Blaylock Mansion

Wedding Gown: The Bridal Boutique Calgary

Photographer: Andras Schram

Florist: Bella Flora Studio

Music licensed through The Music Bed

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