Gabe is what you’d call a true visual artist. Born in Oahu and raised in the Kaneohe area, has allowed Gabe to hone his visual eye. The beautiful landscapes of Island living captured his heart from an early age, and sparked a life-long passion for the visual craft. Thus lead him, to start his professional training at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

While there, he honed his skills of composition, lighting and color when earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art (with a primary focus on photography). Once graduated and never one to be content, he felt there was something missing in his repertoire of skills. So he started to look into this new craze of digital “DSLR” filmmaking. Daily he’d practice skills he’d learn from masters/tutorials on the internet, until it (cheesy pun alert)” just all clicked!”

Now when not traveling the world or at home with his family, Gabe can be found honing his skills while working as cinematographer for the Fisheye Studio crew.